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Wish To Know Regarding The Citizenship Through Marriage Timeline



However, most of the people do not know how to become a US citizen through marriage in which there is several criteria are available that must be satisfied before you file for naturalization just by filing an N-400 application for naturalization. Every year thousands of couples are getting married and they begin their journey towards the UNITED STATE citizenship for most of them it is the beginning of a new life in the states but for other people, it is found to be a continuation of their path to citizenship via green card after getting married.


The whole procedure of getting the green card is an end to end which can vary commonly because of the various circumstances of people, however, it normally takes 7-10 months once the USCIS (the United States Citizenship And Immigration Service) has every little thing they require. The majority of individuals think that marrying a U.S. citizen suggests that you can yourself become a resident of the United States where this is not a fact because when you marry a U.S resident then you get the possibility of obtaining the green card opens up as the spouse for you to come to be a U.S. citizen.


Among the significant and vital generic requirements for becoming the U.S citizenship is that you need to hold a permanent resident status as a green card holder prior before filing your visa application for naturalization. There are also several factors and the scenarios are available under which you will have to apply for the various applications and petitions before getting to the stage to file the N-400 U.S. visa application. When you are obtaining citizenship through marriage timeline then it is extremely crucial to satisfy that your marriage is of legal as well as genuine one in to get qualified for a green card just after that the United States government will be approving your green card application.


Procedure Of Getting The Green Card Via Marriage



Getting the green card via marriage is not an easy or simple task as like most of the people think in which there are multiple steps and requirements exist which must be careful followed, if there is any failure to properly file the case then it became worse and even your application will be denied. The following are a few of the quick outline for obtaining the green card and this will certainly be useful for the individual who wants to get the green card. They are.


- First, you require to get married to a U.S citizen who is a legal permanent citizen of the U.S.

- Then you require to file Form I-130.

- Next, you need to attend a marriage interview.

- File for consular processing or adjustment of status.

- After that, you require to file the conditional permanent resident status.

- Naturalization which is an optional one.


The above steps of getting the U.S citizenship through marriage timeline will certainly be extremely valuable one which you can follow for getting the green card more simply. Moreover, getting the green card avails a huge number of benefits to you such as you will certainly be getting the ability to work and live anywhere in the United States, access United States schools and many more things.

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